Chet Atkins Appreciation Society - Membership

Becoming a member of CAAS is easy, and anyone can join. Membership for USA residents in just $25 per year. For Canada, the rate is $27 US per year, and for residents of all other countries, the rate is $30 US. Become a member by sending your name and mailing address, along with a money order or other negotiable instrument (please do not send cash), to the CAAS address shown on the "Contact" page on this site. USA residents may send a personal check.

Members receive three issues per year of Mister Guitar, the society's official journal, and qualify to attend the annual convention in Nashville (this is not a public event and only CAAS members may attend).

It's easy..... Sign up today to enjoy the benefits of membership, and start to connect with the "extended family of Chet"....guitar players and musical aficionados from all over the world.